Bore Pumps

Need a submersible bore pump? Strongman Pumps stock a large range of submersible bore pumps in nearly every capital city around Australia and can ship Australia wide from the closest warehouse to you making delivery quicker.  We have pumps to suit just about any application such as:

• Pumping directly to the house
• Pumping to dams, turkey nests or holding tanks
• Pressure systems to pump directly to irrigation
• Constant pressure systems and variable speed drives for house and garden combined
• Pumping from a creek
• Floating pump system
• Off grid setups such as solar pump and complete solar pump kits
• Operating from solar to mains or generator with the flick of a switch

There are many pump control options and motor protection options as well as a huge range of accessories.

NEED HELP Selecting a Bore Pump? Fill in the Quote Form or just contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you with your pump selection or inquiry. Here is some more helpful information to assist you when selecting a Bore Pump.

Automatic Tank FillAutomatically fills your tank when it gets low

Bore Pumps are not all submersible pumps, there are also above ground bore pumps called Deep Well Convertible Jet Pumps or Surface Bore Pumps.

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Showing 1–30 of 321 results