Bore Pumps are usually submersible pumps and can also be called Deep Well Pumps.  However, there are also above ground bore pumps called Deep Well Convertible Jet Pumps or Surface Bore Pumps.

Selecting a Bore Pump – you need to know the Total Head and the Flow Required. If you need help with this, please fill in the Quote Form or just contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you with your pump selection or inquiry. Here is some more helpful information to assist you when selecting a Bore Pump.

Automatic Tank FillAutomatically fills your tank when it gets low

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  • Constant Pressure Pumps

    Constant Pressure Pumps (21)

     SubDrive QuickPAK comprises of a Pump, Motor, Drive, Pressure tank and Sensor all in one quick and easy package.

    When you need to use different sources of water in your home, pressure fluctuates, causing weak flow. The Franklin Constant Pressure system changes the speed of the pump to match demand, providing consistent water flow and constant pressure.

    Learn more about the Constant Pressure Systems.

  • Deep Well Bore Pumps

    Deep Well Bore Pumps (168)

    Submersible Bore Pumps are available in 1 Phase 2-wire, 3-wire, 3wPSC and 3 Phase.  The 3-wire & 3w-PSC 1 Phase models come standard with a Starter Box. Automatic Tank Fill - Fill your tank automatically when it gets low Complete Range - View the Complete Range of Deep Well Bore Pumps Also available is Motor Protection and Bore Pump Accessories
  • Solar Bore Pump Kits

    Solar Bore Pump Kits (16)

    The Franklin Solar Bore Pump Kits include the Solar Pump, motor, controller, flow switch, lead, splice kit, solar panels and pole mount kit delivered to you
  • Solar Bore Pumps

    Solar Bore Pumps (18)

    All SubDrive Solar QuickPAKS include: Solar Pump, Solar Motor, Solar Controller, Flow Switch & 10m Cable for use with the Flow Switch  -   150 and 270LPM pumps are supplied with 2″ BSPMF external Check Valve  -   30, 45, 70, 150 & 270LPM  -   Max 200M head
  • Submersible Motors

    Submersible Motors (40)

    Quality Franklin Electric Submersible motors from 1 Phase 2-wire, 3-wire, 3w-PSC and 3 Phase. At this stage we are only displaying 4" motors, however we have 6", 8", 10" 12"  & 14".  Please contact me for the larger motors.
  • Surface Bore Pump

    Surface Bore Pump (12)

    Surface bore pumps use a venturi system with 2 pipes.  They need to be primed at all times.  They push water down the hole through one pipe then through the venturi which forces water up the other pipe and into the pump.  They can handle a max depth of 50m

Showing 1–30 of 275 results