Wilo Bore Pumps

Wilo Bore Pumps

If you’re trying to save money without sacrificing quality you need to consider the Wilo submersible bore pumps. The 4” bore pumps have a very similar flow rate to the Grundfos range of 4” pumps making them a value for money quality comparison product (even in design and construction). 

As a leader in the international pump manufacturing business, Wilo offers high quality German design, manufacture and fantastic value. Wilo quality bore pumps will easily match the most expensive pumps such as Grundfos bore pumps, without the high price tag.

Wilo has a long history in the water pumping industry.  They started trading in Australia as Wilo Australia, from the 1st July 2011 as a full operating subsidiary of Wilo SE (Germany). As far back as 1872 Wilo was founded as a family owned brass and copper factory. They have over 140 years of technological progress in the pumping industry. 

The 4" Wilo bore pumps on the Strongman Pumps website are single 1 phase 2-wire, 3W-PSC and 3 three phase.  

You will receive a FREE 4" SPLICE KIT when you purchase a Wilo Bore Pump from Strongman Pumps.


Wilo 1 Phase Bore Pumps

single phase wilo bore pumps


Wilo 3 Phase Bore Pumps

three phase wilo bore pumps


single phase or 3 phase

Choosing a single 1 Phase or a three 3 phase bore pump depends on your power supply to your bore. If you are unsure, please contact your electrician before purchasing your bore pump

Single 1 Phase Wilo Bore Pumps

The Wilo single phase bore pumps are available in 3W-PSC which is a 3-wire (4-core) and 2-wire.

1 phase 2-wire (3-core) 4" Inch bore pumps are designed for direct connection to the single-phase power supply with no need for a starter box.

1 phase 3W-PSC (4-core) 4” Inch bore pumps need a start capacitor which are in the starter boxes which will come with the pump when ordered. These starter boxes also contain the circuit breaker which will trip the motor is it gets hot to protect the life of the motor.

Three 3 Phase Wilo Bore Pumps

Three 3 Phase Pentax bore pumps operate on three phase power.

A 3 phase starter contactor in the correct size to match the motor is needed.

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