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Pentax Bore Pumps

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Pentax Submersible Bore Pumps are coupled with top of the range Franklin submersible motors making them an exceptional bore pump. These would be the best value for money bore pumps on the website. I have heavily reduced the price of the Pentax pumps by a massive 65%. You won’t buy better!


Note* Not all the models are on the website YET. However all the models are available.

Pentax Pump Ends

The Pentax bore pump wet ends are of high quality and are listed below in flow range and within each flow range in HP size from smallest to largest. They have a floating impellor system which is good if the water is not absolutely clean.

Sold only with Franklin Motors

The prices you see on the website include the pump and motor combined.

We believe the Franklin submersible motors are the most reliable and affordable submersible motor in Australia. So we only couple our Pentax submersible bore pumps to Franklin motors.

Franklin motors are available in 2-wire, 3-wire & 3wPSC or in 3 Phase. Some of the motors are available in 316SS for more saline water. Franklin also have high thrust motors, rewindable motors and more.

As there is a huge range of motors to choose from, we have displayed one or two types of standard motors only to keep the model range small. Otherwise there would be to many pages and it would get confusing. If there is a model to suit and you would like a different motor (as long as it is the same hp/kw rating) then please let us know and we can easily arrange this for you.

The 3w-PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors making them Ideal for use with a generator as they have a lower starting current. I have clearly marked this on the page.

3 Phase motors are 415V. 3 Phase models don’t come with contactor. For 3 Phase contactors, please click here.

These submersible water pumps have a 2 year warranty with excellent after service, especially the Franklin Motors and controls. So far I have not had a single Pentax pump returned.

Single Phase Bore Pumps

Three Phase Bore Pumps

All Pentax Bore Pumps


The Pentax single phase bore pumps come standard with Franklin Electric motors. On the website they are available in standard 3-wire and 2-wire. However, if you would like your Pentax pump coupled with a 3W-PSC motor, please let me know and I can arrange this for you.

1 phase 2-wire (3-core) 4″ Inch bore pumps have a biac switch in the motor. The Franklin 2-wire motor is designed for direct connection to the single-phase power supply with no need for a starter box. The advantages of this motor design is the ease of installation along with the unique ‘reverse impact torque’.

1 phase 3-wire (4-core) 4” Inch bore pumps need a start capacitor which are in the starter boxes which will come with the pump when ordered. These starter boxes also contain the circuit breaker which will trip the motor is it gets hot to protect the life of the motor.



Three 3 Phase Pentax bore pumps operate on three phase power.

A 3 phase starter contactor in the correct size to match the motor is available as an option to be purchased at the shopping cart if needed.


The Pentax Bore Pumps are Italian made and have high quality cast stainless ends.

All the Pentax submersible bore pumps on the site are 4″ inch bore pumps, suitable for 4″ inch casing or larger.

They are all coupled with quality Franklin Electric motors and have a floating impeller system which is good if the water is not absolutely clean.

The Pentax pumps on this website have been heavily reduced by 65% – you won’t buy better!


Fill in the obligation free quote form or just contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you with your pump selection or inquiry.

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