Pressure Pump for House and Garden - DJ72 - Taps = 5-8

Pressure Pump for House and Garden - DJ72 - Taps = 5-8

Automatic Convertible Jet Pump with Pressure Tank EDW100

Automatic Convertible Jet Pump with Pressure Tank EDW100

Deep Well Jet Pump - Self Priming EDW100 w/ Pressure Controller

EDW100 with Pressure Controller
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The EDW100 has a maximum suction lift of 35m when using a P30 injector or 20m if using a P20 injector.  All models come with an injector kit.

This model comes with a presscontrol (pressure controller). 

Surface Bore Pumps are also known as Deep Well Convertible Jet Pumps. They sit at the surface of the bore, well or underground rainwater tank. They have 2 pipes attached with a venturi at the bottom. One pipe pushes water down to the venturi (with injectors) which forces water up the other pipe to the surface which is why these pumps need to be primed at all times. So a good quality foot valve is very important.

If used bare as this model is, you will need to manually turn the pump on and off.   However, the Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump and can be set up to supply the whole house. To do this you will need to include a pressure tank with pressure switch or a presscontrol.  Once these are added, the pump will start automatically once a tap is turned on and will turn off when the tap is closed. 

If you can match the flow of the bore to the output of the pump you could run the Convertible Jet Pump all day, every day, without any problems of it running dry.

Convertible Deep Well pumps are designed for lifting water well beyond the reach of conventional pressure pumps.

Convertible jet pumps are generally used in wells or bores where pumping levels can range from 10 to 50m. Supplied complete with plastic fittings, all that is needed are the twin pipes that to go down to the water source.

These Self Priming Pumps have 2 two different injector options. Please refer to the flow chart to see which injector is suited to your needs.

They must not be subjected to more than 30 starts per hour at regular intervals.



  •      Deep Wells up to 35m in depth (varies depending on model and injector kit)
  •      Long Suction Lines from tank to pump
  •      Draw from Dams, Creeks, Rivers
  •      Irrigation, Tank Filling or Transferring


  • Injector kits supplied with each pump
  • Overload Protection
  • Liquid temperature range 0-50°C; max

Pump Control Options

  • REEFE® Pressure Controller
  • REEFE® Pressure Switch and Tank



  • Heavy Duty Cast iron pump casing with threaded inlet and outlet
  • Twin Noryl Impeller, Noryl Diffuser
  • Ceramic-graphite mechanical seal
  • Motor shaft in Gr 316 Stainless steel EDW100 and Gr 303
  • Stainless steel on the hydraulic side on EDW150 and EDW200
  • World leading brand ball bearings


  • 2 pole electric induction motor for continuous operations
  • Stator made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel
  • Insulation Class F, IP44 & Thermal protection
More Information
Motor Size 0.75kw / 1hp
Phase Single 1 Phase
Rated Flow (LPM) 30
Size N/A
Discharge (mm) 25mm - 1"
Brand Reefe
Warranty Period 3 Years
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