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12V Automatic Pressure Pump -Jabsco 11 Litre Par-Max 2.9


Can handle pressure up to 50PSI with 11 LPM flow. Consistent water pressure to handle up to 3 taps or outlets at one time.

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Additional information

Jabsco 11L Par-Max 2.9 pressure water pumps

Jabsco’s most popular freshwater 12V automatic pressure pump.  The Jabsco 12V DC Par-Max 2.9 is the perfect pump for providing freshwater on a boat, camper or RV up to approx 9 metres.

This triple 3 chamber automatic pressure pump will provide flows up to 2.9 GPM or 11 LPM and pressure up to 50 PSI.

Will serve up to 3 x 12mm outlets and fives a very smooth water flow even at low demand due to it’s built in pulsation dampening by-pass valve which controls unwanted cycling and reduces noise.

The PAR-Max 2.9 Water System offers a smooth flow of up to 2.9 GPM (10.9 LPM) and is fitted with a built-in pulsation dampening bypass to control unwanted cycling and noise.

We include quick-connect fittings for ease of pump installation.

  • Self-priming up to 6-10′ (2-3m)
  • Dry running
  • Soft rubber mounts
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Complies with ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection)
  • Low noise
  • Less pulsation in the flow
  • Screw-less diaphragm design eliminates possible leak paths
  • Distinctive style
  • Can eliminate the requirement for an accumulator tank
  • Included are 2 x 12mm barbed for hose and 2 x ½” male thread
  • 3 year warranty


A typical installation of a Jabsco Par-Max DC Pressure Pump

The Jabsco 12V Automatic Pressure Pump comes with installation instructions included in the box. Please read and follow the instructions.

  • Model: 31395-0092
  • LPM: 11
  • Up to 50 psi / 3.5 bar
  • Max Amp Draw: 7.5 @ 50 PSI
  • Pump Fuse: 10 Amp
  • Cut in Pressure: 25 PSI/1.7 bar
  • Cut-out Pressure: 50 PSI/3.5 bar


Accessories (not included)

Accumulator Tanks

Jabsco accumulator tanks used in pressure pump systems

Accumulator tanks hold a reservoir of air and water down stream from the pump. The air acts as a cushion, absorbing pump and pressure fluctuations, smoothing the flow and making the system quieter. Accumulators allow the pump to reach shut-off pressure more smoothly which reduces the on/off cycle which gives better control of hot water delivery.
Our accumulator tanks all have a bladder that separates water from air. The bladder is pre-pressurised but may need fine tuning when installed to give the most efficient performance. One of the advantages of an accumulator tank is that they can dispense up to half of their capacity of water even when the pump is switched off. So the bigger the reservoir, the more water you have available without having to switch the pump on helping you wash your hands or clean your teeth without noise.


Jabsco Water Pressure Regulator

Water Pressure Regulators

Inlet water regulators are designed to protect your boat water system plumbing and fixtures from the possible high pressure of municipal water systems. Regulation is controlled at all flow rates by a pre-set spring and removable strainer traps debris. Both inline portable and permanent flush mount models are available in our new line of diaphragm sealed regulators.

Jabsco PumpGuard Strainer plug-in with half inch male thread


PumpGardTM Strainers
Inlet Strainers are an essential part of any fresh water system using a diaphragm pump – protecting the valves from small particles in the water. Our Pumpgards™ have been designed for easy installation
and rapid filter screen cleaning having a transparent bowl that screws off to allow simple, regular inspection.




3 Years