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150LPM = 2.5LPS at 54m head Wilo Bore Pump TWI 4.09-15-B


3hp/2.2kw – Single 1 Phase 3w-PSC.   Max Flow = 180LPM @ 36m head.   Min Flow = 108LPM @ 66m head

Additional information

Wilo 3hp Bore Pump and motor assembly.

Equivalent to Grundfos SP 8A 15

The Wilo 3hp Bore Pump Assembly includes pump, motor & starter box.

180 liters per min 3 liter per second @ 36m head
174 liters per min 2.9 liters per second @ 40m head
156 liters per min 2.6 liters per second @ 50m head
144 liters per min 2.4 liters per second @ 56m head
132 liters per min 2.2 liters per second @ 60m head
120 liters per min 2 liters per second @ 64m head
108 liters per min 1.8 liters per second @ 66m head

The TWI 4.09-15-B has a 2.2kw/3hp 3w-PSC 1 phase motor.
The 3w-PSC 1 phase require a starter box which comes standard when you buy this combination.

PSC motors have a lower starting current, so are the preferred motor when powered by a generator or solar.

Receive a FREE 4″ Splice Kit with every Wilo Bore Pump and Motor Combination.

There are other accessories that you will need to install your bore pump which include bore cap, drop cable, support cable, riser pipe, pressure gauge, etc. These are listed below.

Please be sure that your pump and accessory selection is correct before you purchase as the onus is on you. This is why I have included suggestions below with links, to ensure you select the correct size accessories for this model pump.

Options to purchase with your kit to suit this pump

Bore Cap
This model has a 2″ (50mm) discharge thread, so if you are using 50mm pipe diameter then a 2″ Bore Cap would be recommended. If you are using a 1.5″(40mm) pipe diameter then a 1.5″ Bore Cap would be recommended.

Shroud Adapter
A shroud adapter is only needed if you are installing a 4″ pump down 6″ or larger casing.
If using 50mm pipe diameter then a 50 x 100mm (2″ riser) PVC Shroud Adapter would be recommended.

Electrical Cable
The info below is a guide only, you must check with your electrician on cable size.
1 Phase Cable (3-wire/4 core) – 1.5mm sq cable up to 20m, 2.5mm sq cable up to 40m, 4mm sq cable up to 60m, 6mm sq cable up to 100m
Always check with your electrician. He will do volt drop calculations to meet site requirements to comply with AS.

Stainless Steel Support Cable – Available in 3mm cable or 4mm cable

Stainless Steel Support Cable Grips/Clamps – Available in 3mm or 4mm to suit S/S Cable

Pressure Gauges Liquid Filled 63mm – Available in 0-800 kPa, 0-1000 kPa, 0-1600 kPa and 0-2500 kPa

Flexible Riser Pipe
– Series 100 is for depths up to 100. The sizes are 32 mm and 50 mm internal diameter.
– Series 200 is for depths up to 250m. The sizes range from 40mm, 50mm, 76mm, 102mm, 127mm, 152mm & 200mm internal diameter.
– As well as the Couplings, ties, joiners and installation roller.

Single 1 Phase Motor Protection
For this model, you will need a Pumptec Plus as your motor protection device.

Bore pump wet ends are universal which means they can be fitted to other brand 4? motor.  If you would like a Franklin Motor instead of a Wilo, just ask and we can arrange this for you.

Wilo pumps are German made and are identical to the Grundfos.  We have a Grundfos / Wilo comparison chart available upon request.

2 Year Warranty

Weight 2 kg





2.2 / 3

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