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Surface Bore Pump AP100


Maximum Suction Depth = 25m

Additional information

Surface Bore Pumps – Convertible Deep Well Jet Pumps

Surface Bore Pumps are designed to sit at the top of the bore or well. They have 2 pipes attached with a venturi at the bottom. One pipe pushes water down to the venturi (with injectors) which forces water up the other pipe to the surface which is why these pumps need to be primed at all times. So a good quality foot valve is very important.

The Convertible Jet Pump and can be set up to supply the whole house from a bore or well.
If you can match the flow of the bore to the output of the pump you could run the Convertible Jet Pump all day, every day, without any problems of it running dry.

The Convertible Deep Well / Surface Bore Pumps are designed for lifting water well beyond the reach of conventional surface water pressure pumps. Convertible jet pumps are generally used in wells or bores where pumping levels can range from 10 to 50m. Supplied complete with plastic fittings, all that is needed are the twin pipes that to go down to the water source.

These Self Priming Pumps have 3 three different injector options available, their design enables easy installation either above the bore or away from the job.

While the smallest of these is suitable for small domestic application, the larger are suitable for a multitude of water moving applications from tank filling to domestic water supply.

Noryl pump internals, stainless steel motor shafts and long lasting mechanical seals ensure your product is correct from the get go. Quality IP44 rated motors with quality bearings will ensure your product is good for many pumping seasons.

They must not be subjected to more than 30 starts per hour at regular intervals.

The convertible deep well jet pump is a clean water pump consisting of pump, mechanical seal and single-phase asynchronous motor. The ejector is lowered in a well and connected to the pump body by two pipes for suction of water from the well or bore.

All pumps on this page come with your choice of injector kit..

If you intend to make it automatic, these Convertible Jet Pumps are best suited set up as a pressure system and you would have more control over the settings VIA the pressure switch that is on the pump.

Discharge Pressure kPa
34 69 103 138 172 207 241 276 310 345 379 414 448 483 517 552 586
Model Depth
Capacity Litres Per Minute
P20 10 36 43 48 41 28 21 10 4
15 24 29 33 25 22 14 10 4
20 21 20 15 12 6
P30 25 12 10 8 6 4
Self Priming Pump with Injector P20 $993
Self Priming Pump with Injector P30 $993
w/ Pressure Switch, Gauge, 5 way Tee, 18L Pressure Tank & CV w/ Injector P20 $1195
w/ Pressure Switch, Gauge, 5 way Tee, 18L Pressure Tank & CV w/ Injector P30 $1195











2 Years