Under Sink Pump System - RUP155

Under Sink Pump System - RUP155

Under Sink Pump Out Unit - RUP200

Under Sink Pump Out Unit - RUP200

Under Sink Pump Station with Auto Dump Timer - RUP155T

Reefe RUP155-T Automatic Under Counter Pump Station with Timer

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Under Sink Pump Station with Automatic Dump Timer

The RUP155T Under Sink Pump Station is an automatic system designed to handle dirty sink & and basin water waste where it is not possible to achieve gravity fall to sewer. It incorporates a small electric submersible pump and a 24 hour auto pump timer that will override the float switch and drain for a short time to remove what is remaining in the tank.  The timer is good for restaurants, cafes and bars where you don’t want any stagnant water at the bottom of tank in case or any smells or odours.

The Reefe Under Sink Pump Station is ideally used to pump waste water from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, floor wastes, cleaner sinks, bathrooms etc. It is suitable for small residential and light commercial applications.

These undersink units solve the problem of how to store grey water from sinks in caravans, motorhomes, trademans utes, sheds or offices on construction sites, even the home garden shed that is metres from the waste water pipes.  Preassembled and ready to install, these robust units come with the REEFE RVS155 vortex pump, one of our most reliable sump pumps.

  • Max Flow = 155LPM
  • Max Head = 7m
  • 15mm particle handling size
  • Size LxWxH (mm) = 460 x 260 x 435
  • 10 meters of cable with 3 pin plug to plug straight into the power point


Custom made Under Sink Pump Systems:

We use a proven range of vortex pumps, designed to specified engineering standards and they are non-clogging. There are a variety of head pressures available, so if you need a different pump for your application, please let us know and we can quote you on a custom made undersink pump station.

Cutter Pumps and Grinder pumps normally used for cutting and grinding raw sewage may also be used if food and other objects are going down the sink.


  • Pumping Grey Water
  • Undersink Pump Well
  • Wastewater Removal

Features & Benefits

  • Compact & easy to install
  • Pre assembled – ready to install
  • Thermal overload
  • Can handle water up to 58 degrees Celcius
  • 15mm Solids handling
  • Quality Robust Pump
  • 24 hour auto pump timer
  • Not suitable for raw sewage – (please contact me for this type of system)


  • Polyethylene Tank
  • 2” FBSP Inlets and Overflow
  • 1 1/4” MBSP Outlet RVS155-VF Pump

2 yr warranty on pump
1 yr warranty on tank

More Information
Auto / Manual Automatic
Rated Flow (Liters Per Minute) N/A
Rated Head (m) N/A
Maximum Flow (LPM - Litres Per Minute) 150 to 160
Maximum Head (m) 5 to 10
Outlet Size (mm) 25mm
Solids Handling Size (mm) 15mm
Phase Single 1 Phase
Amps 2
Volts 240V
Watts 180
Lead Length 10m
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 460 x 260 x 435mm
Warranty Period N/A
Brand Reefe
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