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Series 100 Flexibore Flexible Hose System – Flexible Riser Pipe 32mm


Additional information

32mm (1 ¼”) Flexibore 100 Flexible Hose / Riser Hose

The diameters are 32mm & 50mm ID for depths of up to 100m.
For deeper applications refer to Flexibore 200.

Save Money! No safety cable is required when using Flexibore due to its high tensile strength.

Flexibore is an Australian manufactured flexible riser system used for ground water pumping.

By integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester, the hose is produced. This process gives the hose flexibility while sustaining the weight of a submersible pump.
Flexibore has been specifically designed to replace rigid riser pipes such as steel which is subject to rust and encrustrations. This internal scaling reduces flow rates and pump efficiency.

Other risers such as PVC and polypipe can be brittle or bend. They are also generally heavier and hard to handle.
Tough PU Cover, Woven polyester fabric, PVC Nitrile lining bonded to fabric which eliminates separation.
Each Crusader hose is covered by a 1 year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.
Strip with loops every two meters from which to secure power cable.

Other accessories needed with the Flexible hose are: couplings (2 fittings per bore), cable ties (fit 2 for each loop, fit 2 cable ties every 2 meters) and joiner.

General Application
Flexibore has been specifically designed to replace rigid riser pipes such as Poly & PVC which are subject to encrustations resulting in reduced flow rates. Poly pipe can be difficult to remove when the pump requires servicing.

Easy Installation
Flexibore is attached to the pump with the patented couplings. The pump, with hose and cables attached, is lowered into the bore using either a simple rolling wheel or a crane. With its continuous length, the hose can be installed with less time and labor than rigid systems, this includes poly pipe. The same advantages apply to pump retrieval. The hose is lightweight, easy to handle and can be equipped ready for installation at your premises or on site.

Flexibore100 series has been designed to reduce the time of installing bore pumps pumping at shallower depths down to100m, while maintaining the advantages of a flexible riser. Flexibore 100 series lends itself to hand and basic installation in rural and domestic applications as well as remote areas with difficult access.

Continuous length
We will supply the exact length required reducing waste and on site modifications.

No internal build up
Iron bacteria present in many aquifers will not build up on the inside of flexibore. The hose swells slightly during pumping, thus no build up occurs inside the riser. This ensures major electricity savings compared to rigid pipes in which the flow can be restricted.

Low friction loss
The slight inherent swell minimizes friction loss resulting in excellent hydraulic performance. The low rate of 32mm Flexibore compares favorably with 40mm Polypipe

Delivered in a compact reel, the hose is easy to transport, light weight and easy to handle.

No safety cable required
Every hose is hydrostatically tested for tensile strength and pressure rating.

Easy retrieval
The ease of retrieval is significantly better than any other type of riser. No damage can occur due to kinking.

Cost effective
The savings on quick and easy installation & retrieval, electrical power to maintain flow rates and corrosion resistance ensure Flexibore is the most cost effective riser available.

Crusader Flexible Hose Systems are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia


1 1/4", 32mm