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Submersible Motors

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Franklin Submersible Motors

Franklin submersible motors are available in the following sizes:

4″ Inch Motors – for use in 4″ & 5″ bore casing (can use in 6″ casing, but it is then advisable to shroud the pump)

6″ Inch Motors

8″ Inch Motors

10″ & 12″ Inch Motors – Available on this site soon

4 Inch Motors
4 inch franklin submersible motors
6 Inch Motors
6 inch franklin electric submersible motors
8 Inch Motors
8 inch franklin electric submersible motors
10 & 12 Inch Motors
large 10 inch 12 inch franklin electric submersible motors

Franklin motors are a reliable, efficient and trouble free means of powering a pump. For a long operational life they need:

  1. A suitable operating environment
  2. An adequate supply of electricity
  3. An adequate flow of cooling water over the motor
  4. An appropriate pump load

Franklin Electric submersible motors are a water lubricated design. The fill solution consists of a mixture of de-ionized water and Propylene Glycol (a non-toxic antifreeze). The solution will prevent damage from freezing in temperatures to -40°C. Motors should be stored in areas that do not go below this temperature. The solution will partially freeze below -3°C, but no damage occurs.

Motors should run a minimum of one minute to dissipate heat build-up from starting current.

Franklin submersible motors are designed primarily for operation in the vertical, shaft-up position. During acceleration, the pump thrust increases as its output head increases. In cases where the pump head stays below its normal operating range (during startup and full speed condition), the pump may create upward thrust. This creates upward thrust on the motor upthrust bearing.
This is an acceptable operation for short periods at each start. But, running continuously with upthrust may cause excessive wear on the upthrust bearing. With certain restrictions, motors are also suitable for operations in positions from shaft-up to shaft-horizontal. As the mounting position becomes further from vertical and closer to horizontal, the probability of shortened thrust bearing life increases.
For normal thrust bearing life expectancy with motor positions other than shaft-up, follow these recommendations:

1. Minimize the frequency of starts, preferably to fewer than 10 per 24-hour period.
2. Do not use in systems which can run even for short periods at full speed without thrust toward the motor.



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