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Sewage Sump

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Sewage Sump Pumps Australia

What separates a Submersible Sewage Pump from ordinary Submersible Sump Pumps / Drainage Pumps is their ability to handle larger solids. Sewage Pumps can usually handle larger particles and solids up to 35mm (sometimes larger) that overflow from the septic tank.

Click the following link to find out more about the difference between a Sewage Pump, Sump Pump, Drainage Pump, Grinder Pump, etc.

3 Phase Sewage Pumps

Domestic Sump Pumps

septic pump

Effluent Pumps

Grey Water Pumps

High Head Pumps

Pump Station

Septic Pumps

septic pump

Sewage Cutter Pumps

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Sewage Ejector Pumps

sewage ejector pumps

Sewage Grinder Pump

Solar Powered Sump Pumps

submersible solar sump pump kit

Domestic Sump Pumps

Domestic Sump Pumps are mainly used for draining dirty water. They are designed to pump clean or dirty water such as surface or ground water that leak into a building or to empty a greywater tank or pit. Domestic sump pumps only have to pump water, but can handle small particles sizes, usually up to approx 35mm.

Greywater Pumps

Greywater Pumps are placed in the greywater tank or pit and are used for emptying out the grey water from the tanks or pits. They can handle medium particle sizes. Grey water is usually household waste water from your sink and basins and water that flows over from the septic into the grey water tank or pit.

Sewage Cutter Pumps

A sewage cutter pump cuts and pumps raw sewage. They are often used in our packaged pump stations for cutting and removing domestic household effluent. A cutter pump will cut and macerate raw sewage and toilet paper only. It will not work on female sanitary products which is why they are most often used for private homes where you know what is going down the toilet.

Sewage Grinder Pumps

Sewage Grinder Pumps grind and pump raw sewage for public venues. As they can handle larger and more solid particles they are often used in shopping centers where almost anything can be thrown down the toilet.

High Head Pumps

High head pumps are designed for pumping fluids uphill and / or over longer distances. Most of these pumps will also handle larger flows.

Three Phase Sewage Pumps

3 Three phase sewage effluent pumps are heavy duty pumps which are mainly high flow sewage pumps, sewage cutter pumps and sewage grinder pumps.

Solar Powered Sump Pumps

Solar powered sump pumps can be used in greywater pits, sump pits, sullage, waste water, general dewatering, bilge pumping and can handle large particle sizes up to 15mm.

Sewage or Storm Water Pump Station

Packaged Pump Stations are used for pumping effluent uphill to the septic, stormwater drainage and more. All systems can be supplied with REEFE® Submersible Pumps, Control Systems, Floats and Guide Rail Systems. They are made to your specific custom requirements and are carefully designed and manufactured at the Brisbane manufacturing facility for shipping Australia wide. The variety of combinations makes these units suitable for nearly all applications.

When you buy a sewage pump online from strongman pumps

We specialize in online sales of water pumps.
When you buy a Sewage or Sump Pump from Strongman Pumps, your order may be processed that day, so please make sure your shipping and contact details are correct for a courier delivery. We will send you an email confirming your delivery address.

However, as fast shipping is usually a priority for most customers, your order will be processed with the address that you have provided if we don’t get a quick response from you. We use an express courier service. The courier company that we choose will depend on your location. If the order is placed early in the day, your pump will usually be dispatched the same day. If the order is placed later in the day, then your pump may be dispatched the following working day.
Most of our sewage/sump pumps are housed in our Brisbane warehouse. Depending on the Brand, we choose the closest warehouse to you so your delivery is quicker.

When you buy a packaged sewage/sump pump station

We also specialize in online sales of Packaged Sewage and Sump Pump Stations.
To order a pump station, we first need to know that you are getting the correct system for your needs.
You will need to fill in the quote form, or contact us so that we can go through your pumping situation.

Once this is all done, your system will be custom made to suit. This usually takes 2-3 days before it is despatched. Some systems may take longer and some may take less.
Your pump station is then sent by express courier. They are usually packaged on a skid.
We will send you the tracking details as someone must be there when the delivery arrives to unload from the truck.

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