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Franklin Electric 6 Six Inch Submersible Bore Pumps

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Franklin Electric 6″ Inch Submersible Bore Pumps

6 Six inch bore pumps come in a range of sizes depending on the flow produced.  The ranges are:

All of the 6″ pumps are coupled with Franklin 6 Inch Std WW motors, however, some of the smaller 6″ models in each range are available with 4″ motors as an option.  Some of the larger models are available with 8″ Std WW Franklin motors. Adapter part numbers are included.

Please also be aware that some of the FPS-65 models have a 4″ discharge outlet instead of a 3″ discharge.

All the 6″ bore pumps are 3 Phase. If you would like 3.7kw motor in single 1 phase, please let me know as they are available, but not on the website.

Complete range of 6″ Inch Bore Pumps


233 LPM Bore Pumps


317 LPM Bore Pumps


500 LPM Bore Pumps


767 LPM Bore Pumps


1083 LPM Bore Pumps

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The FPS 6-Inch SR Series radial water pumps are manufactured with high grade stainless steel. These pumps contain stainless steel impellers, a thick solid stainless steel shell to maintain alignment and heavy investment cast suction and discharge brackets. Designed to operate efficiently with Franklin Electric submersible motors, the FPS SR Series all stainless steel pump is equipped to handle the most demanding conditions.

Pump Features:

  • Stainless steel impellers and diffusers to resist corrosion
  • Suitable to operate in a horizontal position
  • Heavy duty stainless steel shell ensures permanent alignment of all components to increase the life of the pump and enables higher pressures than strap designs
  • Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer
  • Energy efficient hydraulic design for cost effective operation
  • PTFE floating wear ring, ceramic bearing journal and nitrile rubber fluted bearing ensure durability against wear for long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Easy to install and dismantle for service in the field if necessary

See 6 Inch submersible pump assembly and disassembly instructions from Franklin Electric.

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submersible bore pump
Submersible bore pump at an excellent price and don’t be put off by the distance away as freight service was very prompt and included in the overall price. My first call or email will be to Marion when I need another pump. Highly recommend Strongman pumps.
Jeff, Thangool QLD

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