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Online Sales of Water Pumps Speedy Delivery Australia Wide Every Day

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Bore Pumps

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Online Sales of Bore Pumps

Bore Pumps

Strongman Pumps have a large range of Submersible, Surface, Variable Speed & Solar Bore Pump Kits for sale online.


Deep Well Bore Pumps are described on this website as Submersible Bore Pumps.  They consist of a pump wet end which attaches to a submersible motor which is placed down a bore hole or well.  Submersibles can also be installed in creeks, rivers and dams. These are all electric pumps unless specified differently (eg: solar pumps).


Surface Bore Pumps consist of a pump that sits on the surface and draws water up from a bore or well up to a max depth of 50m. These pumps are generally used in conjunction with a pressure tank and switch.

Variable Speed

Variable Speed Bore Pumps are also called Constant Pressure Bore Pumps and are used to pump water from the bore directly to the house and / or garden and need the tap pressure to remain constant.


Solar Bore Pumps are simply solar deep well pumps available with panel kits or without. The pumps come standard with a controller/inverter that allows it to go from solar power to mains power or generator with the flick of a switch. We have a Solar Pump Selector available for easy pump selection.

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Submersible Bore Pumps

Constant Pressure Bore Pumps

Surface Bore Pumps

Solar Bore Pumps & Kits

Submersible Motors

franklin electric submersible motors

Constant Pressure Systems

Constant pressure systems supply water to the house and garden directly from the bore. They comprise of a Pump, Motor, Drive, Pressure tank and Sensor all in one quick and easy package.

When more than one tap is turned on in your home, pressure fluctuates, causing weak flow. The Franklin Constant Pressure system changes the speed of the pump to match the demand, providing consistent water flow and constant pressure.

Solar Pumps & Systems

Off grid solar water systems provides water in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unreliable or unavailable. We haves solar pumps on their own and complete solar pump kits.

The Solar Control box/inverter allows you to auto-switch from solar power to mains power or generator. You can also connect level switches that can be installed inside the water tank to regulate the water level.

Surface Pumps

Surface pumps use a venturi system with 2 pipes. Being ‘Above Ground Pumps’ they need to be primed at all times. How they work is by pushing water down the hole through one pipe, through the venturi which forces the water up the other pipe and into the pump.

These convertible jet pumps can handle a max depth of 50m and the flow slows the deeper the depth it draws from.

Controls and Protection

We have many pump control and motor protection options as well as a huge range of accessories for your bore pump.

Deep Well Bore Pumps

Deep well pumps are the most common type of submersible bore pump. They consists of a pump wet end attached to a submersible motor which is placed down a bore hole or well. Often installed in creeks, rivers and dams. If a starter/controller is needed, then it will come standard with the pump upon purchase.

Buying a Bore Pump online from strongman pumps

We specialize in online sales.  When you buy a Bore Pump from Strongman Pumps, your order is processed that day. Please make sure your shipping and contact details are correct for a courier delivery. We will send you an email to confirm your delivery address.  The order will be processed with the address that you have provided (if we don’t get a quick response from you). We use an express courier service. The courier company that we choose will depend on your location.
If the order is placed early in the day, your item will usually be dispatched the same day. If the order is placed later in the day, then your item may be dispatched the following working day.
We ship directly to you from warehouses in nearly every capital city around Australia. It will be sent from the closest warehouse to you, so your delivery is quicker.

There is free shipping on all orders over $199. So please make the most of your free shipping and take a look at our Bore Pump Accessories.

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