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150 Litre Per Minute Bore Pumps

Franklin Electric

150 Litre Per Minute Bore Pumps

150 Litre Per Minute Bore Pumps

150 litre per minute bore pumps are the FPS-9A range of 4″ Inch bore pumps are available in Single 1 Phase 2-wire & 3-wire and Three 3 Phase.  They are suitable for 4 inch or larger bore casings.

9m3/h flow rating. 90LPM to 170LPM is the most efficient flow produced by the FPS9A range.  However, they are capable of flows from 50LPM to 190LPM. Also, capable of heads from 10m to 190m. (see flow chart below)

If you require any of the FPS9A models in Single 1 Phase 3W-PSC, please contact us.

Standard 1 Ph 3-wire and 3W-PSC models come standard with a starter box.

You will also receive a FREE Splice Kit and External 2″ check valve with your purchase. Free Shipping Australia wide.

More pump details and selection advise below the displayed products (at bottom of page).

Each FPS-9A model can produce more or less than 150LPM depending on the head that it is operating at.

All the models on this page are capable of producing from 90LPM to 170LPM efficiently.  They can operate outside that range for short periods of time, but over long periods of time it may shorten the life of the motor. See image below for “Pump Operating Range” and “Best Efficiency Range”.

FPS9A flow chartThe amount of water that you get depends on the head that the pump is operating at.

For example, the FPS-9A-05 (which is a 0.75kw / 1hp bore pump), will produce 150LPM when operating at a head of 22m.  This same pump will produce 160LPM if it is operating at a head of 19m. It will produce a lesser flow of 100LPM if operating at a head of 28m.

Bore Pump Selection Hints

Please remember that the ‘Head’ is not just the depth that the pump is set at down the bore casing.  To learn more on how to calculate the ‘head’, please go here: How to Calculate the ‘Total Head’.

To learn more about how to read the flow charts, please go here: How to understand the flow charts.

Features of the 150LPM range

  • 2″ BSP discharge
  • Stainless steel discharge head and motor bracket
  • High flow hydraulic staging allows for maximum pump output, exceeds all energy efficiency standards, and provides increased product longevity
  • Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing eliminates sand wear Intermediate bearing for increased shaft stability when pump lengths dictate on high horse, high performance constructions
  • Impeller eye and hub seals for improved performance and efficiency
  • Stainless steel hex pump shaft, shell, and shaft coupling
  • High capacity upthrust assembly for protection during start-up and operation
  • Designed for optimal performance when powered by Franklin’s corrosion-resistant 4″ submersible motors
  • Visit Franklin Electric’s website page for more details on the FPS 4400 High Capacity 4-Inch Bore Pumps

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franklin electric six inch bore pumps from strongman pumps
I bought a Franklin 6 inch bore pump and it was dispatched the following day. Too easy!!! Love the service. (purchased a Franklin Electric 6 six inch bore pump). Thanks Jake
Jake, Cloncurry QLD

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