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Waterfall Pumps

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Waterfall Pumps and Filter Pumps

Waterfall Pumps & Filter Pumps

These are larger flow pumps needed for filter systems and spectacular waterfalls with low power consumption. They have vortex impellers and a prefilter cage to easily handle soft solids for filtering.

Our Filter and Waterfall pumps have wear-resistant ceramic bearings, asynchronous motors and thermal overload protection.

Inline and dry-mounting is possible with a flooded suction. The cage is easy to remove for maintenance.

They are fully submersible pumps and the adjustable base plate can be rotated.

Suggested flow rates:

Waterfalls and streams up to 0.4m wide……………. 3000 to 4000 L/Hr

Large waterfalls and streams up to 1.0m wide …….. 6000 to 12000 L/Hr

If you need help Selecting the Right Size Pond Pump, here is a guide to help you select the correct Pond, Waterfall or Fountain Pump.


This calculation gives a recommended flow-rate for the height and width of your waterfall, for your chosen thickness of water flow.

Choose the thickness of water you want running over the top of your waterfall. Generally, the higher the waterfall, the thicker the sheet of water should be.

Our suggestions are:

Height of Waterfall / Suggested Thickness of Water Flow

0.25m  /  5mm

0.5m  /  7.5mm

0.75m  /  10mm

1.0m  /  12.5mm

1.25m  /  15mm

1.5m  /  17.5mm

1.75m  /  20mm

2.0m  /  22.5mm

2.5m  /  27.5mm

3.0m  /  30mm

Calculate the suggested flow-rate by using the formula Width of Waterfall (in metres) x Thickness (in mm) x 1450 (constant) = Flow in L/Hr. Example: For a waterfall 1.0m high, choose 12.5mm thickness, the waterfall is to be 0.8m wide. 0.8m (width) x 12.5mm (thickness) x 1450 (constant) = 0.8 x 12.5 x 1450 = 14,500 litres/hour.

Choose a pump that is capable of providing the desired flow rate. For the above example, select a pump that is capable of 14,500 L/Hr (or greater) at 1.0m head height. It is important to remember that the flow is at the height of the waterfall, so you need to look at the flow-charts to find a pump that can give this flow or preferably more, at 1.0m head height. To allow for friction losses etc., in pipework, it is always best to over-specify.

Pond & Waterfall Pumps

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4 inch motors
Thanks Marion for your prompt action on my order. The pump motor arrived within a week and the bore is back in service. (purchased a Franklin Electric 4″ submersible motor)
Graham, Sandford

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