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2 Inch Transfer Pumps

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2 Inch Transfer Pump

The two inch 2 inch Transfer Pump has a two inch 2″ inlet and outlet.

Engine Drive Transfer Pumps

The 2 inch transfer pumps are petrol engine drive transfer pumps available in electric start or recoil start.  We also have a huge range Yanmar and Kohler Diesel powered pumps available.  Please contact me for these models as they are not yet displayed on the website.

Poly Transfer Pumps for Saltwater and Chemicals

The 2″ poly transfer pumps such as the PP20-PL and MH020P have internals that handle various liquid fertilizers, general farm chemicals and mild acids.  They can also handle Sea water and saline ground water, oil  and diesel fuel.

Water Transfer Pumps

 The majority of the 2 inch water transfer pump are high flow water pumps used for pumping water only.  They can also handle draining grey water.  Some models come with a roll frame.  They are designed for large flows and high heads.

Trash Pumps for Dirty Water with Solids

The trash pumps such as the MH020T are basically a transfer pump that can pump both clean water or dirty water with solids.  This makes them great for draining water from building construction sites.

New motor for main station bore pump used for livestock & house water delivered within 24hrs. Unbelievable service when you are in a remote region and you have to rely on the efficiency of the supplier. We thank you for such a fast delivery.
Kevin, Julia Creek

New Grinder Pump

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