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Bore Pump Quote

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The more info you provide, The better I Can quote you

If you input details that were incorrect just because they were required, please let me know which details they were as I can only quote on the info that you supply. Incorrect data can lead to the wrong pump being recommended.

Bore Details

Diameter of Bore Casing - (cm)
Single PhaseThree PhaseSolar
Cased Depth (m)
Depth to Screen, Slots or Perforations (m) - 'C' in sketch below
Standing Water Level (m) - 'D' in sketch below
Pumping Water Level / Pump Set Depth (m)
Draw Down Level (m)
Total Depth of Bore (m)
Length of Pipe from Pump to Ground Level (m)
Diameter of Pipe from pump to Ground Level (mm)
Are you Pumping to: *
If Combination or Other, please specify
Output Pressure Required (psi) - input '0' if you are filling a tank only *
Output Flow Required (LPM) *
Volume of Water per day in Liters (for Solar only)
Flow Produced by the Bore (LPM) *
Distance from the Bore to the Tank / Irrigation / House / Other (m) - 'A' in sketch below *
Height distance from bore to tank / irrigation etc (m) - 'B' in sketch below *
Length of Pipe from Bore to Tank, Irrigation etc (m) *
Diameter of Pipe from Bore to Tank, Irrigation etc (mm) *

Complete Kit

If you would you like a costing for a complete bore pump kit or accessories only, please select

Complete bore pump kitBore CapShroudShroud AdapterPressure GaugeStainless Steel Cable & GripsElectrical Drop CableSplice KitMotor ProtectionFlexibore Riser Pipe

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