Online Sales of Water Pumps Speedy Delivery Australia Wide Every Day
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Online Sales of Water Pumps Speedy Delivery Australia Wide Every Day

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Pond Pumps Australia

TIP! Remember it is easier to throttle back an oversized pump, but there is nothing you can do with an under-sized pond pump.

TIP! Add 20% to required flow-rates to allow for the friction loss in the pipework.

TIP! Pumps don’t last forever. Always install to allow easy access and replacement.

TIP! Save Power and Money… Have an electrician set up a daylight sensor switch on waterfall pumps so the pump turns off at night.

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With so many different types of Pond Pumps for sale it can be difficult to choose the correct one for your needs. You can buy Pond Pumps that are 240V Electric Fountain Pond Pumps, Solar Powered Fountain Pumps (some with Battery Backup for operating at night), Waterfall Pumps or Low Voltage Fountain Pumps. They are all designed for a different purpose and pond size. They are also available in Kits or just as a pump on its own.

You can purchase Pumps for use in Fountains, Waterfalls, Ponds, Urns, Statues, Water Features, Filtration, Hydroponics, salt water and more.

Please look at the FLOW that the pump will give you at the HEAD that you are operating it at to determine the right pump to purchase. I have displayed this for each model.

Need Help Selecting the Right Size Pond Pump? Here is a guide to help you select the correct Pond Pump or Fountain Pump.

Buying a Pond Pump online from Strongman Pumps

We specialize in online sales of pond and water feature pumps, so when you buy a pond pump from Strongman Pumps, your order is processed that day, so please make sure your shipping and contact details are correct for a courier delivery. We will send you an email confirming your delivery address. However, as fast shipping is usually a priority for most customers, your order will be processed with the address that you have provided if we don’t get a quick response from you. We use an express courier service. The courier company that we choose will depend on your location.
If the order is placed early in the day, your pump will usually be dispatched the same day. If the order is placed later in the day, then your pump may be dispatched the following working day.

We have free shipping on all orders over $199. So please make the most of your free shipping and take a look at our 100% natural pond treatments. Adding these to your cart may take your order to an amount where you may receive free shipping.

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