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Grey Water Systems

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Grey Water Systems

What are grey water systems?

Grey water systems are also called grey water pump stations. It is a collection tank for grey water with a submersible vortex pump. Grey water collects to an underground pump station (collection tank). When the water level in the tank rises, the pump automatically turns on by way of the vertical float switch. It pumps the water out via the discharge outlet in the tank wall to wherever you want the grey water to go, such as the septic system, rhelm drain, or sewage line (even if that point is uphill from the tank).

What is grey water?

The relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances. Grey water is not to be confused with ‘Black Water’ which is waste water from toilets.

What does a grey water pump station consist of?

Strongman Pumps supplies REEFE® Greywater Pump Stations. These systems are available in 3 pit / tank sizes.  They are a pre-packaged single pump system with a solid poly lid. Pre-assembled with superior 100% Taiwan manufactured REEFE® vortex pumps for domestic and commercial pumping systems.

Easy Installation

REEFE® grey water stations are delivered pre-plumbed, wired and ready to install as a plug & play system.  Installation instruction are included with every system.

Why would you use a grey water Pit?

Our pump station kits are ideal for:

  • Pumping grey water
  • Undersink pump-out-systems
  • Building sites and other temporary applications
  • Screened wastewater removal

All tanks are manufactured from Polyethylene and have a long life span. The tank pipe inlet is to be installed on site.  The tank pipe outlet size is 40mm for the 40L & 85L tank and the 180L.


Pit and grate sizes and dimensions:

  • 40 Litre – Grate size is 300mm sq. Pit is 450mm deep.
  • 85 Litre – Grate size is 450mm sq. Pit is 510mm deep.
  • 180 Litre – Grate size is 600mm sq. Pit is 600mm deep.

Which pumps are included?

Quality Range of REEFE® 240V Vortex pump models available with our systems.

In the 40L, 85L & 180L systems displayed above, we are using the RVS155-VF (has a vertical float switch).
RVS155-VF – Maximum flow is 155LPM – Maximum head is 7m

If you would like a pump that will produce a larger flow at a higher head, then the following pumps can be installed in your system instead of the RVS155-VF.  If you are interested in one of these systems, please contact me and I can arrange this for you.

All 3 pits are available with larger pump options (RVS250-VF, RVC260 and RVC320 – High Head Applications)

  • RVS250-VF – Maximum flow is 235LPM – Maximum head is 10.5m
  • RVC260 – Maximum flow is 280LPM – Maximum head is 10.5m
  • RVC320 – Maximum flow is 330LPM – Maximum head is 12m

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franklin electric six inch bore pumps from strongman pumps
I bought a Franklin 6 inch bore pump and it was dispatched the following day. Too easy!!! Love the service. (purchased a Franklin Electric 6 six inch bore pump). Thanks Jake
Jake, Cloncurry QLD

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