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Bore Pump Accessories

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Accessories for Bore Pump

Bore Pump Accessories are products needed when installing a submersible bore pump down a bore hole.

3 Phase Contactors

Bore Caps

Control Boxes Panels

Drop Cable

submersible electrical drop cable

Float Switches

Franklin Electric

franklin electric control box

Installation Roller

Level Probe

Motor Protection

franklin motor protection device

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Switch

Pressure Tanks

Safety Wire

Stainless Steel Support Wire

Shrouds & Adapters

Splice Kit / Termination Kit

Stainless Steel Grips

Bore Manifolds

bore manifold

Control Boxes & Panels for submersible bore pumps are used to control the bore pump.

  • Franklin Single 1 Phase control boxes for 2-wire & 3-wire motors from 0.37kW to 3.7kW
  • Franklin SubStart SC Starter Box for single 1 Phase 3w-PSC motors from 0.37kW to 2.2kW
  • Franklin Three 3 phase CP3 Control Panel from 0.37kW to 7.5kW to house relays, clocks, timers, level probes, etc
  • OEM 1 Single Phase and Three 3 phase control boxes are only to be used with our OEM Bore Pumps

Three Phase Contactor / Starter for submersible bore pumps are used for starting submersible 3 three phase motors. They are a basic on and off switch for 3 phase submersible motors.

Motor Protection Devices for submersible bore pumps are used to protect and increase the life of your bore pump motor. They are extremely useful if you are unsure of the bore details.

Three 3 phase and single 1 phase motor protection for Franklin submersible motors.

  • The 3 phase Submonitor is for motor sizes from 2.2kW to 150kW
  • The 1 phase Pumptec is for motor sizes from 0.37kw to 1.1kW. Protects against low yield bores, worn pump parts, drop in water levels, broken shaft or coupling, air or gas locking– cavitation, low voltages, clogged bore screen.
  • The 1 Phase Pumptec Plus is for single 1 Phase motors from 0.37 kW to 3.7 kW and includes 3w-PSC motors. Protects against low yield bores, high and low voltages, rapid cycling, power surges, drop in water levels, broken shaft or coupling, air or gas locking – cavitation, clogged bore screen, sand or mud clogging, faulty check valves.

Splice Kits are used to join submersible drop cable providing a waterproof join.  They are available in 4″ and 6″ for different cable sizes.

Bore Caps come in varying connection sizes.  They are available in 1.25″ BSP, 1.5″ BSP and 2″ BSP.

Pump Shrouds and Shroud Adaptors for submersible bore pumps are used mainly if you are using a 4″ bore pump in a 6″ casing.  The purpose of the shroud is to cool the pump motor.  They come in varying sizes depending on the pump outlet size.

Pressure Gauges for submersible bore pumps are used to gauge the output pressure from the bore.  The pressure gauge connects to the pump manifold and are available in different pressure ratings from 0-1000kPa to 0-2500kPa

Safety Wire is allso known as support cable and is used to support the bore pump down the bore hole.  SS safety wire comes in 3mm and 4mm.  The size of the SS cable will depend on the weight of the pump and how far down the bore the pump is.  

Electrical Drop Cable for submersible bore pumps is the electrical cable that connects the bore pump to the control box or power supply.  The size of the cable will depend on the phase, kw of motor  and cable length.  So it is important to check the cable size with your electrician.

Level Probes are wired into the pump controller to monitor the water level in the tank or bore.

Pressure Tanks absorb water pressure, so when a valve or tap is opened water is pushed out of the tank through the plumbing system. When the water in the pressure tank drops below the pre-charged value, the pressure switch is activated turning on the pump. The pump then refills the pressure tank. The combination of the pressure tank, pressure switch and the pump is what allows water to flow through your home or garden.

Float Switches are Ideal for all single point level control and for low and high level alarms. The float switches are wired into the control box and are available in a variety of lengths.

Manifolds for submersible bore pump installations are usually located at the top of the bore and are screwed into the bore cap. Manifolds are used to house the pressure gauge, pressure sensor, pressure tank and pressure switch.

Pressure Switch for submersible bore pump installations are available in two types. The mechanical switch is used in conjunction with a pressure tank set up.
The Automatic pressure switch can be used in shallow bores (usually less than 15m) to start and stop bore pump up to 1.5kw when taps are opened and closed. In this application, they are not as reliable as the pressure tank set up. For motors from 1.5kw to 2.2kw, a mascontroller should be used.

For information on HOW TO INSTALL A BORE PUMP, click here.

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