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Storm Water Systems

Storm Water Systems

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Storm Water Systems

What are storm water systems?

Storm water systems are also known as storm water pump stations. They are a collection tank for storm water with a submersible vortex pump. Storm water collects to an underground pump station (collection tank). When the water level in the tank rises, the pump automatically turns on by way of the vertical float switch. The water then pumps out via the discharge outlet in the tank wall to the area the water can easily escape, such as the street (even if that point is uphill from the tank).

What does a storm water pump station consist of?

Strongman Pumps supplies REEFE® Stormwater Pump Stations. These systems are available in 3 pit / tank sizes.  They are a pre-packaged single pump system with a galvanised steel grate lid. Pre-assembled with superior REEFE® vortex pumps for domestic and commercial pumping systems.

Easy Installation

REEFE® Storm water Stations are delivered pre-plumbed, wired and ready to install as a plug & play system.  Installation instruction are included with every system.

Where would you use a Storm water Pit?

Our pump station kits are ideal for underground car parks, basements, back yards, construction sites, rural properties, roof down pipes and any area where storm water cannot escape.

All tanks are manufactured from Polyethylene and have a long life span.

Pit and grate sizes and dimensions:

  • 40 Litre – Grate size is 300mm sq. Pit is 450mm deep.
  • 85 Litre – Grate size is 450mm sq. Pit is 510mm deep.
  • 180 Litre – Grate size is 600mm sq. Pit is 600mm deep.

Which pumps are included?

Quality Range of REEFE® 240V Vortex pump models available with our systems:

  • RVS155-VF – With vertical float switch. Maximum flow is 150LPM – Maximum head is 7m
    This model is included in the 45L & 85L systems displayed above

If you would like a pump that will produce a larger flow at a higher head, then the following pumps can be included in your system instead of the RVS155-VF.

To assist with pump selection, here is a guide to assist you with your selection: REEFE_PUMPS_EASY_SUMP_PUMP_SELECTION_GUIDE

storm water pump stations
Reefe storm water systems

If you are interested in one of these systems, please contact me and I can arrange this for you.

Our Stormwater systems are available with larger pump options (RVS250-VF, RVC260 and RVC315 – High Head Applications)

  • RVS250-VF – Maximum flow is 235LPM – Maximum head is 10.5m
  • RVC260 – Maximum flow is 280LPM – Maximum head is 10.5m
  • RVC315 – Maximum flow is 330LPM – Maximum head is 11m


storm water systems

See Pit Details here: Poly Storm Water Pits


Popular Q & A’s

Q:  How do I install the electric cable for easy removal of pump from pit if needed?

A: The cable goes through the pit wall via a cable gland and we recommend running the cable through a 50mm conduit to allow for easy removal of the pump.


Q: Is it plug and Play or hardwired?

A: The pump comes with 10m of cable and has a plug end.  Depending on the distance between the pit location and the power supply, the plug end may need to be removed and the cable joined to enough cable to reach the power supply.  It is recommended the cable be fed through 50mm conduit.  This must be done by a qualified electrician.  The correct size cable needs to be selected depending on the distance.

Q: is there a breather hole?

A: Yes.  In the discharge elbow.

Q: is there a non-return valve?

A: Yes. The non return valve is a swing check type.  It is mounted in the horizontal discharge line.


Q:  What is the distance from the top of the pit to the bottom of the outlet pipe?

A:  The bottom of the inlet is typically 180mm below the level of the grate or lid. This does vary marginally per pit.

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Reefe RP1100 240 volt Statue Pump
Thank you for your assistance in processing our order over the weekend. The pond pump arrived and was left at our door when we woke at 6.30 am today.  Fantastic service. Much appreciated.
Peter, Pelican Waters Qld

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