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Sewage Ejector Pumps

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 Sewage Ejector Pumps Explained

Sewage Ejector Pumps are designed to remove sewage from a building where plumbing fixtures and their drains are lower than the building sewer line and/or septic tank.

You need a Sewage Ejector Pump when the house is higher than the septic.

If there is not enough fall from the house to the septic system or septic line then a sewage ejector pump is needed.

The ejector pump will need to be housed inside a tank or pit.

These small pumping systems usually include  a small tank with a sewage pump.  The sewage pumping systems may be required to store the fluids under the house and pump them uphill to reach the septic.

Which Sewage Ejector Pump do I need?

If you are pumping raw sewage (which is normally the case) the pump will usually be a grinder pump or a cutter pump.

  • cutter pump can cut up raw sewage and toilet paper only (no female sanitary products).  The cutter pumps are mostly used in private homes.
  • grinder pump can grind up almost anything that is thrown down a toilet and are commonly used for public venues.

If you are only pumping grey / waste water then a normal septic / sump / greywater pump can be used.

All of the pumps can be automatic (with a float switch or controller) or manual.

If there is not much room for a tank / pit, an undersink pump system may be used.

Weather it is a cutter, grinder, septic or sump pump, the model required will depend on the job it needs to do.

To work this out you will need to know the total head and flow needed.

Dirty water and sewage has a different pipe friction loss than clean water, so it is a good idea to get a professional to assist you with the pump selection.

Strongman Pumps have the pumps as well as the pump stations which include the tank / pit.

We can help you with your selection.  Just fill in our quote form and we will let you know which pump or system you need.

The sewage pumping systems are custom made so will need to be quoted for.