Drainage Pumps

Drainage Pumps easily drain out clean or dirty water (with small particle sizes) from any surface. Water leakage in a building is quite a dangerous situation that needs to be immediately taken care of with a drainage pump.

Drainage pumps are mainly used for draining clean water as they can only handle particle sizes smaller than what sewage draining pumps can handle. They can be used with an automatic float switch or manually.  If there is limited space for the automatic float switch in the pit or tank, then they can be used with a controller.

We have a large range of controllers and alarms to be used with these pumps. Please contact us for more information of these.

Puddle Sucker Pumps

Puddle sucker pumps are lightweight plastic submersible pumps that can drain water from a level surface down to a level of 2mm.  They are a very lightweight pump capable of producing flows of up to 160 litres per minute, with a head of up to 6 metres.

Undersink Pump Systems

Undersink Pump Systems are an automated system that handle sink or basin waste water where there is not enough gravity fall to the sewer. The Undersink Pump Systems include a small tank which fits under the sink or basin and a small submersible  vortex pump which is non-clogging with a vertical float. These units are ideal for confined spaces such as under benches, under sinks and in cupboards.

Drainage Pump Stations

A drainage pump station consists of the pump, tank and any controls or alarms needed.  These pump stations are custom made to suit your individual situation.  If you are in need of a pump station please fill in our online quote form and we will get back to you with an obligation free proposal.