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Fhoton Solar Bore Pump Kits

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Fhoton Solar Bore Pump Kits

Fhoton Solar Bore Pump Kits include Solar Pump, motor, controller, flow switch, lead, splice kit, solar panels and pole mount kit delivered to you.

High Power Fhoton SolarPAK with Pole Mount Arrays using 350W (HP) Panels

There are only a few models listed on the website. Not all the models in the diagram below are on the website as there are to many variations.  However, they are all available for sale.

fhoton range of solar kits

The diagram above displays the 0.55kw / 0.75hp.

Other kits available are:

  • 0.37kw / 0.5hp – (I have included a couple of these kits below)
  • 1.1kw / 1.5hp
  • 2.2kw / 3hp

Please contact us if you require a kit that is not displayed.

All of the Fhoton Solar Bore Pump Kits are supplied with Fhoton SolarPAKS and a Solar Array Kit.  See Below.

Fhoton SolarPAKS

  • 1 x Solar Pump
  • 1 x Solar Motor
  • 1 x Fhoton Controller
  • 1 x WiFi Chip
  • 100, 150 & 270 LPM pumps are supplied with 2″ BSPMF external Check Valve.
  • All threads are BSPP on Pump Ends, Check Valves & Flow Switches.
  • The Fhoton Controllers are outdoor rated to IP66

Solar Array Kit

  • Solar Panels: Wmpp 350W, Vmpp 57.9V, Voc 70.3V.  mpp=max. panel power
  • DC Isolator 1000v 20 amp-IP56 enclosure
  • 3 Phase 16 amp AC Circuit Breaker
  • MC4 lead & connectors x 10 metres (panel to breaker)
  • MC4 lead & connectors x 3 metres
  • Shutdown Procedure Sticker
  • Pole – 150mm diameter x 3 metre long tubing for pole mounts

Solar Pump Selector – A handy tool for easy Solar Pump Selection.
For info on How to use the Solar Pump Selector, click here

NEED HELP Selecting a Bore Pump? – you need to know the Total Head and the Flow or Volume Required. If you need help with this, please fill in the Quote Form or just contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you with your pump selection or inquiry. Here is some more helpful information to assist you when selecting a Bore Pump.

Solar Pump flow performance depends on the amount of solar power supplied to the pump. So please look at the flow charts provided.

Pond & Waterfall Pumps

New Drainage System


New motor for main station bore pump used for livestock & house water delivered within 24hrs. Unbelievable service when you are in a remote region and you have to rely on the efficiency of the supplier. We thank you for such a fast delivery.
Kevin, Julia Creek

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