High Pressure Water Pumps Australia

Pressure Pumps for Drinking Water

Drinking water constant pressure pumps and home water pressure pumps for drinking water can be found under our ‘Household Pressure Pumps’ category.

High Pressure Water Pump

For very High Pressure Water Pumps with flows up to 400LPM and heads up to 100m please contact us

Submersible Pressure Pumps for Rainwater Tanks

Submersible multistage pumps with a built in pressure controller that has run-dry protection.  These pumps can be placed directly into the tank making them a super quiet pressure pump for the home and are also a good pump for drinking water.  These submersible pressure pumps can be found under our ‘Household Pressure Pumps’ category.

Rain to Mains Pressure Pumps

Rain to Mains Pumps use water from the rainwater tank.  When the tank is empty it automatically switches over to Mains water.  When the tank has water it switches back. Our Rain water to Mains water changeover pumps can be found under out ‘Rain to Mains Pump‘ category.

Self-Priming Pressure Pumps

Self Priming Pumps are used when the water tank is far away from the house, the pump is higher than the water source with a straight pipe from the water source to the pump, or the pipe from the tank to the pump has a lot of bends or elbows.  A range of Self Priming Pumps can be found under the ‘Self Priming Pumps‘ category.

Jet Pumps

Jet Pumps are a specially modified Pump with a nozzle and venture pair inside the nose of the pump.  Jet pumps are designed to generate relatively high water pressures from a single stage.  They are all surface pumps and can use a pressure vessel or pressure switch so they operate automatically when a tap is turned on.  You can find our jet pumps under the ‘Jet Pumps‘ category.

The Deep Well Jet Pump has 2 pipes connected to an external venturi and are used to lift water from an underground tank, bore or well.