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Franklin Electric 3 Three Phase Motor Protection


SubMonitor, 3-Phase Pump Protection from 2.2 kW to 150 kW

Additional information

Franklin Electric Submonitor 3 Three Phase Motor Protection

Franklin Electric SubMonitor 3 Three Phase Motor Protection from 2.2 kW to 150 kW

The SubMonitor is the latest innovation in 3 Phase pump protection from Franklin Electric. Using state-of-the-art technology, the SubMonitor provides the ultimate protection for a pump and motor. There is simply no better way to protect a large 3-phase submersible pump investment than with a SubMonitor. It’s the protection device that can sense overheating straight from the motor windings! (for motors equipped with Subtrol sensor)
And it is made by the world leader in submersible motors – Franklin Electric.


Franklin Electric Submonitor 3 Three Phase Motor Protection is designed to protect 3-phase pumps with horsepower ratings between 2.2 and 150 kW. Current, voltage and motor temperature are monitored using three integrated current transformers. A digital display provides current and voltage readings for all three legs and allows the user to set up the SubMonitor quickly and easily.

Features and Benefits

• Quick setup to monitor a motor, simply enter the Line Frequency (Hz), Line Voltage (volts), and Motor Full Load Amp rating
• Digital display indicated voltage and current on all three legs at the same time and fault messages are in easily understandable text
• Monitors
o Under/Overload
o Current Unbalance
o False Start (Chattering)
o Under/Overvoltage
o Overheated Motor (Subtrol-Equipped)
o Phase Reversal
• For motors with service factor amp ratings between 5 and 350 amps
• One unit covers the entire range from 190 to 600 Volts
• No need to make additional turns around the CT or add external CT’s
• Password Protection
• DIN Rail Mounting
• Stores fault, setting changes and pump run-time that can be accessed through the display
• Detachable display unit can be mounted on panel door
• UL 508 Listed
Trip Response: Motor Under/Overload, Under/Overvoltage, Overheat, Unbalance – 3 seconds
Control Circuit Rating: 1.5 Amps AC up to 600 volts
Signal Circuit Rating: 1 Amp AC, up to 250 volts (Incandescent lamp: 100 watts max)
Wire Terminals: Wire Gauge 1.0 – 2.5mm2.  Tighten to 0.5 N-m


Real time display of voltage and current for each let. Easy menu-driven setup and adjustment of monitoring parameters.

Detachable Display Unit

The detachable display unit displays and stores data it received from the base unit. Can be mounted on panel door for easy access and display of motor amps and voltage as well as fault messages. Communication cable connects the display to the base unit. Fault light can be seen from a distance – indicated that a trip has occurred and that a fault message is being displayed. Turn-and-push adjustment know to access the setup menu, enable or disable monitoring parameters and read fault data history.

Base Unit

The base unit contains the current sensors and electronics that monitor motor leads that pass through the sensors. It can operate independently of the detachable head. Can be mounted with 4 screws or with DIN rail. Dual colored fault light indicated status of the unit.


D3 Data Download Device is a quick and simple unit to obtain recorded site date and note actions from the 3 phase Submonitor motor protection unit.  Data retrieved from the Submonitor can then be interpreted on an Excel spreadsheet or can be emailed for analysis.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 19.7 × 29.2 × 17.1 cm

Franklin Electric




Three 3 Phase


3 Phase




1 Year

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