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24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump


24 Volt DC Sealed Macerator Pump with Run Dry Protection.  Amp Draw = 8 Amps. Fuse Size = 15 Amps

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24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump with Run-Dry Protection

The 24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump with Run Dry Protection includes a patented run-dry protection device, heavy duty corrosion resistant triple sealed motor and a powerful 4 blade stainless steel chopper to further reduce the possibility of clogging. Includes new upgraded stainless steel motor / body bolts.

These types of macerator pumps are often used in boats, caravans and transportable homes.

Flow rate of 46 litres per minute empties a 120 litre holding tank in only 3 minutes. Heavy duty motor discharges up to 1,000 litres in one operation.

  • Max 46 litres per minute output – 38-40 LPM (Litres Per Minute) at 3 metre head
  • Self priming up to 1.2 metres vertical lift
  • Triple sealed ignition protected motor to prevent corrosion
  • Run-dry protection sensor device
  • Stainless steel motor / body bolts – 5/16″ 8mm diameter
  • 4 blade stainless steel chopper reduces clogging even further
  • Macerates and discharges air, water and waste mixtures



Inlet: 1 1/2″ male thread and 38mm hose

Outlet: 25mm 1″ hose barbed


Head Capacity and Flow Rates

47Liters @ 0m head – 7.6 Amps

44Liters @ 1.5m head – 7.8 Amps

40Liters @ 3m head – 8.1 Amps

34Liters @ 4.5m head – 8.6 Amps

28Liters @ 6m head – 8.9 Amps

Flow rates and amperage will vary slightly depending on the pump loading (sewage system design)

Sealed Macerator Pump

Grinding Capabilities – Stainless Steel Cutter capable of grinding waste down to a particle size of 1/8″ (3mm) max.
Capable of passing waste, toilet tissue, fish scales or bait residue. Not designed to pass rags, kitchen towels, tampons, wet wipes or sanitary napkins.

Waste Removal Pump

The Jabsco 18590 series 24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump is most often used with marine toilets or small portable toilets such as campervan toilets or waste holding tanks. It is ideal solution for emptying marine, caravan or mobile home waste holding tanks.

It is recommended that holding tanks be flushed with plain water after each pump out. This will reduce the possibility of a continued build up of sediment in the tank which could cause a potential blockage.

Live Bait Tank Emptying Pump

The Jabsco 24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump is great for emptying fish box and live bait tanks due to its self-priming capabilities and also it’s grinding properties.

If the livebait tank is mounted into the floor of the vessel, below the waterline or only partially above the waterline the Jabsco Macerating pump has the characteristics that lend themselves to this application. The bait residue particles of ice, fish scales and anything else that could potentially be found in the Fish-Box will be easily passed by the Jabsco Macerating Pump, and the self priming capabilities are perfect for common fish box installations.

24VDC Self Priming Macerating Pump 24 volt 8 amp Jabsco 18590-2094

Voltage = 24 VDC
Amp Draw = 8 Amps
Fuse Size = 15 Amps

View the Technical Datasheet and the Service Kit Instructions