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Water Feature Pond Pump 240V

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water feature pond pump 240V

Electric Water Fountain Pump Kit

I need a water feature pond pump 240V kit for a small 800L pond to use as a feature only.  I would like the option to add fish at a later date.  As a feature only, I don’t really have to worry about aeration of the water.  Some aeration is needed to prevent algae as the pond is in direct sunlight for a few hours.  However, if the pond has fish, the water will need to turn over approx. once every hour.

pond turnover rates chart


Reefe 240v water feature pond pump range

Reefe RFK range of water feature pond pumps.

The model in this installation is the Reefe RFK5000.  The kit includes pump, nozzles and accessories and spare parts.


The pump is positioned at the bottom of the pond.

The water is to be pushed to two separate locations.
1 – to the surface of the water where it will just bubble (like an underground spring).  See image below.
2 – through a 1m x 19mm pipe which goes out of the pond and is hidden behind the rocks. The water will trickle or flow over the rock and back into the pond. See image below.

water feature pond pump displaying water bubbling like an underground spring

240v water feature pond pump displaying water trickling or flowing down rocks

outlet pipe for 240v water feature pond pump



The RFK kits include a 2-way outlet pipe that screws into the outlet of the pump and allows the water to exit from two different points. See image. The water enters the bottom of the pipe which screws into the pump outlet.  Water can exit through the side of this pipe and out the top. The 2-way pipe also has a flow adjustment knob on the side.




water feature pond pump accessoriesaccessories used to create a pond fountainThe kit also comes with a heap of accessories that include several different fountain and feature nozzles.  If I need to aerate the water, I will use a spray nozzle. There are different spray nozzles included in the kit. To create a pond fountain (see image below), I use the 3 accessories on the left. These include the 2-way pipe, the extension pipe and one of the spray nozzles.


water feature pond pump 240V

rfk series of reefe water feature pond pump 240vThe size of the spray fountain may be adjusted by the knob on the 2-way pipe.
Also, the 2-way pipe has a knob on the side that can increase how much water comes out of the pipes.  This way, I can have a larger flow of water coming down the rock if I wish or a larger fountain spray.



The RFK range of 240V pond pumps have an adjustable control on the pump body, so the flow of water from the pump can be adjusted.

Water Feature Pond Pump 240V

I chose the Reefe RFK5000 Kit as it will produce 4000LPH (66.6 LPM) @ 1m head.  It produces more flow than I need, but it gives me the option of increasing or decreasing the flow depending on how I want the water features to look. Eg: a higher fountain or a stronger flow down the rocks.


pod pump extension pipe basic water feature using extension pipe only

Another example of how to use the pump accessories is displayed here.  The image on the far left is of the extension pipe.  When is positioned on top of the 2-way pipe (or straight into the pump outlet), you will get this type of feature.

BTW… The flow was reduced a lot in the LHS image.



Pond Pump Size:

The RFK5000 is suitable for a much larger pond than mine.
At 1m head, the RFK5000 will turnover 4000LPH.  For a pond up to 1000L, this pump will turn the water over 4 times an hour and it only needs to turn it over once. Please see the turnover rates above.

Power Type:

As the pond is on the edge of my veranda I can plug it straight into a power outlet, so I purchased a 240V pump. If the pond was away from the house, I would have purchased a solar pond pump.


We have more tips on choosing the correct size pond pump here.

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