Submersible Motors

4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch & 12 Inch Submersible Motors

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Four Inch Motors

Franklin Electric four 4 inch submersible motors


Six Inch Motors

Franklin Electric six 6 inch submersible motors


Eight Inch Motors

Franklin Electric eight 8 inch submersible motors


Ten & Twelve Inch Motors

Franklin Electric eight 8 inch submersible motors


Franklin 2-wire Motors

The Franklin Electric 2-wire 4” Inch motors have a split phase motor with built-in starting components. These motors have an automatic reset overload and surge protectors. The Franklin 2-wire motor is designed for direct connection to the single-phase power supply with no need for a control box. The advantages of this motor design is the ease of installation along with the unique ‘reverse impact torque’.

Franklin 3-wire Motors

The Franklin Electric 3-wire motors are single phase capacitor start induction run (CSCR) motors which require a starter / control box. The design features the highest starting torque within the single phase motor range. Franklin Electric control boxes include all necessary long-life starting and motor protection relays and capacitors

Franklin PSC Motors

The Franklin Electric PSC motor is a single 1 phase motor with run capacitor. This motor requires a Substart SC (starter box) which contains the capacitor and motor overload protection. The motor is connected to only one capacitor which works permanently as start and run capacitor. The Substart SC is available for these motors. Good for use with a genset or solar as it has a lower start current.

Franklin Three 3 Phase Motors

These motors are fitted with water lubricated radial and thrust bearings for maintenance free, long-life operation. The motors are filled with a fluid providing frost protection down to -15°C. A special diaphragm ensures pressure compensation inside the motor