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60LPM – 1LPS at 38m head Pentax Bore Pump – 2-wire 1 Phase – 4S70-11


4S70-11 Pentax 2-wire 1 phase 1hp / 0.75kw Bore Pump


Pentax 4 Inch Bore Pump with Franklin Electric motor assembly.

Assembly includes pump and motor only.

70 liters per min 1.16 liters per second @ 26m head
60 liters per min 1.00 liters per second @ 38m head
50 liters per min 0.83 liters per second @ 49m head
45 liters per min 0.75 liters per second @ 54m head
40 liters per min 0.66 liters per second @ 58m head
35 liters per min 0.58 liters per second @ 61m head
30 liters per min 0.50 liters per second @ 64m head
25 liters per min 0.41 liters per second @ 66m head
20 liters per min 0.33 liters per second @ 68m head
0 liters per min 0.00 liters per second @ 72m head

This 4S70-11 has a 0.75kw / 1hp 2-wire 1 Phase Franklin Electric motor.
The 2-wire 1 phase motor doesn’t require a starter box.

There are other bore pump accessories that you will need when you install your bore pump which include bore cap, drop cable, SS support cable, riser pipe, pressure gauge, etc.  These are listed below

Please be sure that your pump and accessory selection is correct before you purchase as the onus is on you. This is why I have included suggestions below with links, to ensure you select the correct size accessories for this model pump.


Options to purchase with your kit to suit this pump

Bore Cap

Bore Caps are available with different size discharge threads.  Your pipe and adaptor size is what will determine what size discharge thread it will need to connect with. Please keep this in mind when selecting your bore cap.

Splice Kit

The splice kit is used to join the motor cable to the electrical drop cable. The splice kit makes a waterproof join

Pump Shroud

A pump shroud is needed to cool the motor and is only required if you are installing a 4 inch pump down 6 inch or larger casing.

Electrical Cable
1 Phase Cable 2-wire/3 core submersible drop cable is required. However, you must check with your electrician on cable size. He will do volt drop calculations to meet site requirements to comply with AS.

Stainless Steel Support Cable – Available in 3mm cable or 4mm cable.

Stainless Steel Support Cable Grips/Clamps – Available in 3mm or 4mm to suit S/S Cable.

Pressure Gauges Liquid Filled 63mm – Available in 0-800kPa, 0-1000kPa, 0-1600kPa & 0-2500kPa pressure ratings.

Flexible Riser Pipe
– Series 100 is for depths up to 100.The sizes are 32mm and 50mm internal diameter.
– Series 200 is for depths up to 250m. The sizes range from 40mm to 200mm internal diameter.
– As well as the couplings, ties and joiners.

Installation Roller
The installation roller is a device that fits on the top of the bore casing.  The rollers make it easy to lift and lower the bore pump down the borehole.

Single Phase Motor Protection
As the Pentax bore pumps come with Franklin motors, the motor protection device for a 2-wire bore pump motor is the Franklin Pumptec IR or the Pumptec Plus.


There is a 2 year warranty with the Pentax bore pumps and Franklin Electric motors.

More Information

Motor Size 0.75kw / 1hp
Phase Single 1 Phase 2-wire
Rated Flow (LPM) 60
Size 4″ Inch
Discharge (mm) 32mm – 1.25″
Brand Pentax
Warranty Period 2 Years